Video: Fireball as Montoya slams into fuel truck at Daytona 500

Montoya crash Daytona 500
The annual Daytona 500 race took place this weekend, entertaining the crowd with the usual mix of crashes, spins and revving engines.

Matt Kenseth took his second 500 career victory after Juan Pablo Montoya stopped the race for two hours in a spectacular fashion.
The former F1 racer is reported to have noticed problems with the balance of his car after leaving the pits just 40 laps before the finish line.

He lost control and skidded straight into a truck carrying gallons of jet fuel, causing a massive explosion. Jet fuel could be spilling out of the truck and onto the track.

Luckily, Montoya walked away from the wreckage unhurt and a two hour delay was placed on the race.

Check out the video footage below.

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