Video: Smokey and the Bandit recreated in Forza 3 (sort of)

When you look back at the history of cinema you swiftly realise there aren't all that many 'car' movies kicking about.

Yes, there are a few stand out greats, but not a huge number. One such stand out is the brilliant Smokey and The Bandit.Essentially a tale of some guys doing a beer run (albeit a very big, illegal one) for their mates, it turned into a car chase epic. V8 muscle cars, cop cars, a giant lorry and a dog called Fred made the film rather magical. Tacky, but magical.

In all there were three Smokey and the Bandit films. The first was brilliant, the second perfectly entertaining and the third... well, Burt Reynolds, at a point where his career was at something of a low, elected to only appear for a 30 second cameo. Yeah, it ain't great. At all.

Still, wanting a little more, YouTubeerist iRICseries has created a new take on the film franchise using popular videogame Forza Motorsport 3. Yes, some of the cars don't quite match up, but it's a sterling effort and we rather enjoyed it. Good work.

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