Oops! VisitBritain makes spelling mistake in £25 million campaign

Ruth Doherty


Bosses at VisitBritain have been left rather red-faced after making a spelling mistake in part of the £25 million GREAT campaign.

A hawk-eyed tourist spotted that the Brecon Beacons had been written as the Breacon Beacons on a poster advertising the picturesque countryside of Llandovery on the New York Subway.

The promotion is also being displayed in front of passenger seats in New York taxis, according to the Telegraph.

The man who spotted it has friends in the area, and uploaded a picture of the typo on the Brecon Beacons Facebook page.

Oops! VisitBritain makes spelling mistake in £25 million campaign
Oops! VisitBritain makes spelling mistake in £25 million campaign

The spelling mistake spotted by a tourist in New York. Photo: Facebook

The poster is part of the GREAT campaign, created by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in conjunction with VisitBritain in the "biggest ever marketing push" to attract millions more visitors and give the economy a £2.3 billion boost.

Punch Maughan, director of Brecon Beacons Tourism, told The Metro: "With all that money being spent, you would have thought someone would have checked the spelling."

And Elizabeth Daniels, the managing director of Brecon Beacons Holiday Cottages, said: "It is an enormous shame that potential travellers from New York will be googling Breacon by mistake".

Not only is the GREAT campaign one of the most expensive tourism pushes ever, it's also the most high-profile, with a host of celebrities on board to help market Britain, including Victoria Beckham.

Victoria's involvement with GREAT was revealed during an exclusive photo shoot for the launch of a GREAT-branded subway train at New York's Grand Central Station.

As a GREAT Ambassador, Posh will play a leading role in the "Fashion is 'GREAT'" element of the campaign, as well as highlighting the UK as the preeminent place in which to visit, study, and invest.

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