Chinese firm unveils 'world's fastest phone'

Stacey King

Chinese electronics giant Huawei has announced a new quad-core smartphone which it claims is almost 50 per cent quicker than the Apple iPhone 4S or Google Nexus.

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The company unveiled its Ascend D Quad at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona - demonstrating its blistering speed to journalists.

And the company also claimed that the phone could last up to three days on a single charge. Poor battery life is the bane of many top-end smartphones.

The phone features four CPU chip cores and 16 graphics cores - and Huawei chairman Richard Yu claimed it was the first 64-bit smartphone - rivalling modern computers.

He said it was 49 per cent faster in normal operation than its rivals.

The phone, which will be available in three variants with a 4.5in screen, will run the latest Android operating system, named Ice Cream Sandwich. It is promised to be 20 per cent cheaper than its rivals.

HTC and LG also announced new quad-core smartphones at the show - with LG's Optimus 4X HD to include 4G functionality in the areas where a network is already operational.

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC's new One range is to focus on improving camera, software and design features - as well as speed.

What do you reckon? Should the big players be worried? Comment below...