Forecasters predict balmy March for UK

Ceri Roberts
Forecasters predict balmy March for UK
Forecasters predict balmy March for UK


Spring seems to have sprung in the UK, with fields of flowers suddenly coming into bloom.

Crocuses have already appeared in several parts of the UK, and forecasters predict that this is just the start of several weeks of mild weather.

Temperatures are already above average for the time of year, with some parts of the country enjoying highs of up to 14C over the weekend.

Although temperatures are expected to drop back down to the average of 6C to 8C tomorrow, forecasters predict that things should warn up again by mid-week.

Met office forecaster George Goodfellow told the Daily Mail: "It certainly hasn't been quite as warm as it has been over the last few days but temperatures are still above average for this time of year.

"It may rain in northern parts into Monday morning but it should then start to to brighten up again.

"The weather system is coming in from the Atlantic which is relatively warm this time of year but also brings a lot of moisture in with it.

"In some parts it looks as though the good weather could continue for the next 30 days."

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