Plan your leap year proposal

Stacey King

There's a long-standing tradition in Britain for women to break convention and propose to their menfolk when we get a February 29 once every four years in a leap year.

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Of course times have changed and it's not so unusual for ladies to pop the question anyway, but if you're a traditional kinda girl, here are some things to consider...

Put a ring on it?
The obvious first question you'll ask yourself is whether or not to buy him an engagement ring - and we reckon there are three main options here.

Firstly, if he is the ring-wearing type then it's all systems go. Secondly, you could get him an alternative piece of jewellery or a nice watch. And lastly you could just get him a joke ring of some description.

Make sure he's ready
You don't need to raise the subject directly, but use your feminine intuition and by all means make a few commitment-related enquiries at suitable moments.

Men traditionally have to ask their wife-to-be's father for permission to propose, so you may wish to raise the issue with his family if you are on good terms. They might even help with ideas and planning.

Get the right setting
If you're thinking about this seriously then you'll already have had a glimpse into the kind of agonising decision faced by men when deciding where to pop the question.

Our advice would be to avoid getting hung up on stereotypical ideas of romance and just think about your other half - and then pick somewhere that you know is right for him.

It could be at a fancy restaurant, a football match (if you reckon his team will win), on top of a mountain or in bed after a special - ahem - moment.

And don't be afraid to abort and wait for a more suitable moment if things don't go to plan (like if his team gets stuffed 6-0).

Be ready for anything
You might think you have a pretty good idea how he's going to react, but try to prepare yourself for any kind of response.

It's a big question and he might not be ready to answer right away, so don't pressure him and don't ask right at the start of a long meal in a formal restaurant - in case you end up having the most awkward dinner in history.

What do you reckon? Is it acceptable for women to pop the question now? Comment below...