Broadband blackspots revealed

Stacey King

The locations with the slowest internet links in Britain have been revealed by a new survey, which has claimed that one third of UK homes are languishing on "slow" connections.

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And the Countryside Alliance has called on local government to pull its finger out and improve infrastructure in the areas that are lagging behind.

The village of Winchelsea in East Sussex was found to have the slowest connections in the UK, with an average download speed of just 1.11 megabits per second (Mbps).

Other slow postcodes included Menstrie in Clackmannanshire (1.2Mbps), Askam in Furness in Cumbria (1.25Mbps), St Bees in Cumbria (1.38Mbps), Ripley in Surrey (1.5Mbps) and Newbiggin-by-the-sea in Northumberland (1.6Mbps).

The slowest city in the country was Hereford, with an average speed of 3.196Mbps - compared to the national average of 6.7Mbps.

Sarah Lee of the CA said: "Our members consistently tell us that having a poor or non-existent internet connection is a major problem for the countryside.

"A fast, secure and reliable broadband network ought to be seen by local and central government as having the same importance as a reliable gas, electricity or water supply."

The survey, which was conducted by uSwitch, also found that cities such as Kilmarnock (3.2Mbps), Dumfries (3.6Mbps), Canterbury (4Mbps) and Shrewsbury (4Mbps) had low broadband speeds.

The government has put up £530m to help councils get their infrastructure up to speed and Cumbria has already been given more than £17m - because 96 per cent of its homes are eligible for subsidies.

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