British ski workers barricaded in chalet in 'unpaid wages protest'

Ruth Doherty
British ski workers barricade themselves in chalet in 'unpaid wages protest'
British ski workers barricade themselves in chalet in 'unpaid wages protest'

Stock photo, French Alps: Rex

A group of seven British ski resort workers have barricaded themselves into a chalet in the French Alps - in a 'peaceful protest' against unpaid wages.

The luxury ski lodge in the resort of Les Menuires, called Chalet Georgina, is rented out by the groups former employee, Skithe3V, for £1000 a week.

But the group, who are calling themselves the "Les Menuires 7", allege they are owed £3,400 in travel expenses and up to three weeks' work.

According to the Daily Mail, the workers were all sacked, and an email sent to them alleged they had abused company rules in relation to things like "rubbish clearance", "uniform codes" and "fragrant disrespect for our company".

It went on: "Understand clearly we do not employ juniors and inexperienced people to listen to their excuses, moaning, reasoning and personality clashes."

But "Les Menuires 7", which includes gap year students Paddy Bartram and Angus Briggs, both aged 19 and from Norwich, Rachael Smethurst, 22, of Bolton, Manchester University graduate Lucy Hayes, 21, of Crowborough, East Sussex, and married couple David and Hayley Haines, both 47, from Devon, deny the allegations.

Aanya Madhani, 22, who started work for Skithe3v on 1 February, told the Daily Mail: "We all worked really, really hard over the half-term week.

"A few days later we were told we were sacked. We were told to pack our bags and leave and that we wouldn't be paid. We went shopping and got all the essentials and then the seven of us went into the chalet and changed the code for the door lock.

She added that the boss had threatened to call the police, but the group were not worried because they had already contacted them, and added that it was a "peaceful protest".

A Facebook page set up to spread the word of their protest last night had more than 3,000 supporters.


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