BMW M135i Concept to rock Geneva

Take a look at the image above, a long look. It's the 1 Series that you've been waiting for – a three-door, 3.0-litre, twin turbo hatch with lots of M-Performance bits under its crisp, white skin.

Now be slightly disappointed because it's only a concept and it's not available for us mortals to buy.Unlike the majority of concepts, the M135i could feasibly exist, though. It would probably lose the stickers and gain bigger, blingier rims than the 18s that sit on the concept – the arches look as though they can take more.

We've been expecting a three-door 1er since the new five-door launched last year, so don't expect the lines to change too drastically before its inevitable launch, presumably at some point very soon indeed.

As well as showing off its bigger-doored form, the M135i is a showcase for the newly launched M Performance sub-brand. The last generation 1 Series hatch was available with a 3.0-litre straight six, but never with the twin-turbo 306bhp unit – only the stylish coupé received that particular honour.

Though its power hasn't been fully confirmed (it's merely 'more than 300hp') it would be a little odd to see it on the same level as the old 135i Coupé but a bit much if it was on par with the extreme 1 Series M Coupé. 315bhp would be a big enough boost for us.

Under the skin there's evidence that the M-Division has been on maximum attack with spanners as there's tuned suspension on duty to ensure it doesn't slide off the road on a lazy left hander.

Cosmetically, we mentioned the body will remain the same and the aggressive side skirts, butch rear end and aggressive front air vents will be standard on the M Performance model and an option for those who want the economy of a 118d, but the look of an angry, angry car. The bodykit does make the 1er look much better than its 'normal' siblings – it looks less like it's been left in front of a fire too long.

We'll know more about it at the Geneva Motor Show in March.
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