Top Superbowl car ad is haunting, punk

Alex Goy

The Superbowl is, and always will be, a massive deal in the US. Superbowl day sees pretty much an entire country sit in front of tellyboxes, drink beer and watch some delicious 'football'. It's also an opportunity for manufacturers of all things great and small to sell their wares to a very captive audience.

We showed you more than afew ads before game day this year. We liked them. They were quite funny. The most popular, however, isn't a lighthearted romp through your childhood or about a game of one-upmanship. No, it's a rather haunting, patriotic monologue about the state of Detriot given by Clint 'Dirty Harry' Eastwood himself. YouTube declared it the most popular superbowl car ad after it was viewed on the site over 10.5 million times - more than any of its competitors. Damn.