Spring cleaning tips

Spring is on the way and with it often comes the urge to purge the accumulated clutter and grime that we've been too grumpy to do anything about all winter.

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So if you're getting ready to have a good old-fashioned spring clean, read these tips first and you might save a bit of time...

Set a plan and check your supplies
Before you even put hand to a duster, it makes sense to pick up a pen and jot down a rough plan of what you're going to do - particularly if cleaning is not usually your forte.

Also, have a rummage around under the sink and do a quick audit of your cleaning supplies to make sure you're not going to have to stop after 20 minutes because you've run out of polish.

De-clutter, then tackle one area at a time
There's no point trying to clean around a pile of mess. Tidy up first and be ruthless about it. If it looks like it'll take too long to sort it all out, put it all in a big box and deal with it later at your leisure.

Now work through your list and focus on one part of your home exclusively at a time, otherwise you might get distracted or feel overwhelmed by the enormity of your task.

Seeing quick results in one area will inspire you to continue.

Clean from top to bottom
Get gravity working for you by starting each room's clean with the ceiling and coving. This will make sure you don't end up with dust and cobwebs raining down on areas you've already cleaned.

Get busy with the vinegar
We're sure you've already heard about the amazing properties of vinegar, but it really is the cleanliest of condiments.

It can be used to clean windows by spraying them with a 50/50 vinegar/water mix and wiping with a cloth or paper.

It can be used to get limescale off taps by draping a vinegar-sodden paper towel over the affected area and leaving for an hour or two. The scale should then soften enough to scrub off easily.

And a small cup of vinegar added to warm water can be used to deep clean wooden floors, restoring their shine without making them dangerously slippery like polishing can.

Corrosion and chemical build-up can be removed from shower attachments by soaking them in vinegar overnight. If your shower head does not detach you might be able to fill a plastic bag with vinegar and hang it from the pole with the shower head inside.

Fridges and freezers
Spring is the time of the "hungry gap" for gardeners when few vegetables are ready to eat, so it's a great time to eat up the contents of your freezer ready for a spring clean.

Put a couple of teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda in a bowl of warm water and use the solution to scrub the insides of your fridge and freezer once they are defrosted. This will clean and remove any nasty whiffs.

A great way to refresh your curtains is to pop them in the tumble drier for 10 or 15 minutes with a wet towel. The towel will draw away any dust and they should come out looking less creased and more vibrant.

If the bottom of your bin is fast becoming a health and safety hazard, take it outside, spray the worst out with a hose and then attack it with a scrubbing brush and hot, soapy water in the fresh air - before letting it air dry.

Use a long-handled mop and a general purpose cleaner in warm water to give your walls a good clean, paying particular attention to marks caused by grease from skin, newsprint and children.

What's your best spring cleaning tip? Share it in the comments box below...
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