Jeep Compass scores only two Euro NCAP stars

Jeep's Compass it the off-road brand's entry into the dinky 4x4 segment. Think of it as a Range Rover Evoque with an American GI's attitude and cheap plastics.

As a budget option it might suit some, but if they have children it might not be the best route to go down. Why? Because in the first spate of Euro NCAP testing for 2012, the diddy mud-plugger only managed to achieve two paltry stars.Rather than go into a diatribe about what went wrong and give it a polite but firm kicking using long, unkind words, we'll let Euro NCAP's press release do the grim talking...

"The recently refreshed Jeep Compass achieved only two stars against the 2012 criteria, underachieving in most areas of Euro NCAP's assessment... the Jeep Compass did not demonstrate itself as strong contender on safety in comparison to other tested competitors in the same category." Ouch.

Honda's new Civic was also tested and gained a full five-star rating. It managed high scores in all areas of the NCAP tests and compares favourably with its competitors.

Euro NCAP Secretary General, Michiel van Ratingen, commented: "The results published today show clearly that a five-star these days means a lot more than a five-star some years ago. Many car makers have moved on and so have we. Cars based on older technology, brushed up and marketed as new are not providing the same levels as safety as the newest models developed against the new targets. Consumers interested in a fair comparison will not be fooled by these results."
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