Hyundai i30 estate headed to Geneva

Hyundai's first (but certainly not last) offering for Geneva 2012 has been revealed. The i30 Tourer is an estate take on the freshly updated hatchback.

The new car will provide a shiny Korean alternative to the Focus and Astra estates and should undercut them on price and equipment. It's also rather more attractive than its rivals.Extending the roofline and b-pillars creates a 528-litre seats-up load area. Pop the seats down and you'll find 1642-litres of space for trips to the dump, moving house or driving your old Christmas trees to the other side of town to 'plant' them. Yeah.

Trim levels remain the same in i30 Tourer as they are in the hatch. Engines are also shared across the range – we suspect the most popular will be the Bluedrive diesel which, in the hatch at least, manages 76.3mpg and emits only 97g/km CO2. A sub-100g/km estate will encourage a fair few i30 Tourers to roll out of showrooms, so let's hope one appears...
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