Is white right? Yes, according to buyers

Range Rover Evoque
Like white cars? You're not alone, as according a report in the Evening Standard, the sight of the stars of "The Only Way is Essex" driving around in flash white cars is increasing demand for this once unpopular colour.

Trevor Finn, Chief Executive of dealership group Pendragon said on the subject: "We've seen a material increase in the number of people driving white cars, it's one of the top five colours for new car buyers.
"Every 10 or 15 years there's a cycle where white cars become very fashionable, and we're now in it."

Pendragon reckon that this trend of buying white cars has resulted in a 22% rise in pre-tax profits, to £30.8 million for 2011 at its 250 dealerships.

These figures were probably helped by the fact that demand for prestige cars is more than for mass market ones, with their Mayfair Land Rover dealer selling more Range Rovers than anywhere else in the country.
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