British 'hero' saves Irish tourist from drowning in Melbourne

British man hailed a hero after saving Irish tourist from drowning in MelbournePA

A British man was today being hailed a hero after he saved one of two Irish tourists who jumped into the River Yarra in Melbourne.

David Brearley, 22, from Manchester, was working at the Riverland Bar on the Yarra near Federation Square, when customers told him two men planned to jump in and try and swim to the other side.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, David said: '"I told them, 'tell them not to, it's filthy'."

"Then I walked down the river and saw two guys who were quite a way away. And then five or 10 minutes later I heard some screaming. I thought they were just joking. Then obviously I realised they weren't joking. I heard a cry for help. Then, basically I just dived in.'"

Dave managed to rescue one of the men, but the body of the other man was found by police just after midnight.

Describing how he saved the man, David explained: "I put my arm around him. I've heard the best thing to do is drag them out backwards. So I put my arm over his shoulder as if I was grabbing him from behind and dragged him out backwards. He was panicking and in shock, and he swallowed a lot of water so I was trying to keep him calm and get him to the edge as fast as possible."

"Then he told me his friend was in there. I asked him where and he said he was under the water. By the time I got to the edge, someone asked me if there was anyone else in the water. I said 'yeah - his friend is still in there'. And a few other guys jumped in and tried to help him, but obviously weren't successful."

Paramedic team manager Susie Davis sung Mr Brearley's praises, telling "There was a very strong current in the Yarra tonight. It's dark, cold and he has been able to avert catastrophe for one of the people who was in the river.

"The waiter has been absolutely heroic in what he's done tonight to jump into the river."

She added that he would be nominated for a Community Hero Award.

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