Revealed! The ten best hotels in the UK 2012

Katy Holland

It can be hard work finding a decent hotel in the UK - and we all have our own horror stories to prove it. Shoddy service, fading furnishings, dodgy food and rip-off prices are all too commonplace: suffice to say that Fawlty Towers is still very much alive and kicking all over the UK.

So it may be ironic that a Torquay hotel (pictured left) won the coveted title of Tripadvisors Travellers Choice Hotel Awards 2012.

The Charterhouse Hotel is a world away from its fictional Torquay TV counterpart. Praised for its "warm and genuine hospitality" and "superb breakfasts" this is about as far removed from Basil Fawlty's disastrous B&B as you can get.

The new awards make interesting browsing and reveal some lovely hidden gems where, by all accounts, you simply can't go wrong... unless, of course, you have a different story to tell?

Check out the list - and don't forget to recommend your own.