Video: This man drove his new 911 into wet cement

Porsche 911 stuck in wet cement
When you have a car crash you get a horrible, deep shock to your very core. Two things are certain: 1) You've just damaged something you and the third party have worked hard to get and 2) It's going to be very, very expensive to fix.

Now imagine what this chap felt at the exact moment he realised he'd driven into a rather deep pool of wet concrete in a brand spanking new Porsche 911.
We don't know just how he got in there, but we do know that in order to drive into a construction area you have to ignore a change in road surface, lots of cones and presumably lots of men in bright yellow vests waving and mouthing "STOP" at you.

Reports from all over the web are saying that it took about an hour to dig the chap in the 911 out because he managed to get his car rather stuck in there.

After lots of digging, plenty of bystanders pointing and laughing and lots of people shouting obscenities at the driver the car was freed, though unless he got to a car wash/pressure washer REALLY QUICKLY we imagine he'd need a flatbed and trip to a Porsche dealership. And a large cheque.

There's a video of his daring escape below, do enjoy it but watch out for some blue (ish) language.

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