Over 20 people attacked by piranhas in 'feeding frenzy' in Brazil

20 bathers attacked by piranhas in 'feeding frenzy' in BrazilRex

Around 20 bathers were left with wounds to their hands and feet after being attacked by piranhas in a river in southern Brazil.

The attack happened on Sunday when a school of palometas, a species of piranha, shocked hundreds of tourists bathing at a beach in Toropi, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

According to news.com.au, lifeguards said 20 bathers were treated at the scene for wounds to hands and feet.

A report on smh.com.au said low water levels in the river resulting in a shortage of food sources could have prompted the "feeding frenzy".

Back in November 2011, 15 swimmers were attacked by piranhas at a popular tourist spot in Brazil.

One woman even lost part of her toe. According to the Mirror, Elson de Campos Pintos said: 'I took a dip in the river and when I stood up, I felt pain in my foot.

'I saw that I had lost the tip of my toe. I took off running out of the river, afraid that I would be further attacked because of the blood. I'm not going back in for a long time.'

We don't blame her...

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