Hello, spring? Britain to bask in 17C this week

Ruth Doherty
 Hello, spring? Britain to bask in 17C this week
Hello, spring? Britain to bask in 17C this week


At last! Britain is set the enjoy some balmier weather this week - with temperatures reaching as high as 17C by Thursday.

However, we still have to get past the latest cold snap before we can enjoy higher than average temperatures for February.

The Met Office said there will be a frosty start to the week, but that by Thursday and Friday it could feel more like spring.

Met Office spokesman Dan Williams confirmed the increasing temperatures, telling Aol Travel:

"It's right that we're heading into milder weather this week.

"Today and tomorrow will see some rain in the North West of the UK, with some fairly high total rainfall possible. The South and East will generally stay drier. Wednesday looks wet and windy for most of the country.

"By Thursday and Friday it looks set to be generally drier, but cloudy conditions are likely to persist in most places.

"Temperatures through the week will be increasing, with the warmer weather gradually spreading south. Around 12 to 13C is possible in Scotland tomorrow, with 14 to 15C possible on Wednesday - again most likely in Scotland.

"Then by Thursday and Friday we could see 16 to 17C in places - this is most likely in parts of East Wales and South West England, but many areas will see temperatures very close to this."

Dan added: "The average max temp for the UK in February is 6.3C, so temperatures are set to be well above this."

Break out the bubbles!

The news will be hard to believe, as yesterday many people woke up to temperatures of -2C, and -5C in Scotland.

But, according to the Express, a Met Office spokesman called this the "beginning of the end for this cold spell", adding: "There will be no return to the big freeze".

The last month has seen Britain shiver in temperatures as low a -18C. See all the wintry scenes across the country below: