Icy blizzards to hit Britain

Ceri Roberts
Icy blizzards to hit Britain
Icy blizzards to hit Britain


Winter isn't over yet - and parts of the UK woke up today to freezing temperatures and snow.

Last night the Met Office issued a severe weather warning, with up to six inches of snow expected in some parts of Scotland.

The Daily Mail reports that gale force winds will make the situation worse, resulting in blizzard conditions in some areas.

Wales, Northern Ireland and the North West have also been warned of the risk of ice, although the south is unlikely to be affected by snow.

However here is a risk of wet surfaces turning icy when the cold front moves south today.

Luckily the cold snap won't last for long - but we have got some wind and rain to look forward to as temperatures rise.

Martin Young, Chief Forecaster at the Met Office, told the Mail: "This weekend's cold snap will be short-lived, quickly giving way to much milder conditions again next week.

"Temperatures next week are expected to get into double figures in many areas as we see a return to unsettled conditions with strong winds and heavy rain in places."

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