Peugeot guns for DS with XY

Peugeot will accompany the launch of the brand new 208 GTi with a luxury version of the same supermini at the Geneva Motor Show. Called the XY, it has the Citroen DS3 firmly in its sights.

The XY Concept, says Peugeot, is "intended for city dwellers who love distinction and refinement," and joins the ever-swelling ranks of the posh small car - a genre whose progenitor is the BMW MINI.
Boiled down it's a 208 with extensive use of leather for the interior and fancy pants paintwork, but that's fine - it looks great. And very purple.

But it leaves a purple haze all in our brains, because it's not clear whether XY is the precursor to a posh Pug sub-brand, like Citroen's DS line, or just a standalone concept to make us think/write about the 208 more prior to its on sale date later this year.

We're expecting it to be the former, though, because Peugeot would be silly not to want to mimic the success that Citroen's had with the DS cars.

No less than 16 coats of paint and lacquer have gone into making the 'Pulsion' finish you see here, which appears different depending on your distance and angle from the car. The XY's wheels are a relatively massive 18 inches.

Inside, the dash is trimmed in crimson-coloured stitched leather, and it gets the same flat-bottomed wheel as the 208 GTi concept. Chrome trim accentuates various parts of the cabin, and there's a panoramic sunroof.

It's powered by a 1.6-litre diesel engine with 115bhp linked to a six-speed manual gearbox.

For the time being, the XY is little more than an exercise in 208-based vanity, but hopefully the company will use its debut at the Geneva Show to announce a new upmarket model lineup. We'll see...
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