Barking dog makes man £5m richer

barking dogDominic Lipinski/PA Archive/Press Association Images

One of life's great irritations has netted one man £5.1 million. The noise of a neighbour's barking dog was keeping him awake, so to pass the time in the early hours he decided to spend a few quid at an online casino. £1 later, he was the proud owner of a £5 million jackpot, according to The Daily Record newspaper.

So is this a heartwarming tale, or a real concern?

The win

The Scottish man made an online UK record with his win. He staked just £1, and after a few wins in a row he found himself with £250. He then moved onto another online one armed bandit game with a bigger jackpot and six spins later he scooped the jackpot. He was then flown by private jet to pick up his cheque.

He has chosen to remain anonymous, but the newspaper claimed he is in his 20s and lives in Ayrshire.

The joy

On one level it's a heartwarmer. We have all had those nights when the racket of a neighbour and their stereo or their dog, or their argumentative girlfriend have left us climbing the walls in the early hours. How many of us have wasted hours of our life tolerating the foibles of the neighbourhood? It's great that one man at least has got something out of it.

The worry

However, imagine if he hadn't have won. Then it would just be the story of a man in Scotland who piled misery upon misery after being kept awake by a local dog and then spending a load of cash on an online gambling website.

Now we can gamble online at any time of the day or night - without even leaving the bed - for every tale like this, there must be hundreds if not thousands of gamblers plugging in a small fortune that they can ill-afford, from the early hours until the break of day to no avail.

There's every chance that a story like this will have them reaching for their wallet, convinced it will change their lives next time.

But what do you think? Am I missing the joy of this tale? Let me know in the comments.
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