Average diesel price hits record high

The average price for a litre of diesel in the UK has hit a record high of 143.05p, according to the AA and online fuel price calculator petrolprices.com.

It breaks the record of 143.04p set in May 2011, and means that filling the 60-litre fuel tank of the average family car is now just under £86.
Diesel cars are steadily rising in popularity, accounting for over half of all new car sales in 2010 and 2011, according to SMMT registration figures.

The price of unleaded is rising too, though at 135.39p per litre on average it's still a little way short of the 137.43p record, also set in May last year.

As usual, there's a significant difference between the lowest price a motorist will pay for a litre of fuel and the highest - so it still pays to shop around, if at all practical.

The driver of a diesel car could currently pay anything between 137.9p and 155.9p per litre, while unleaded currently fluctuates from 130.9p to 145.9p.

Supermarket forecourts are often the most prudent choices for a fill-up, with the major chains often offering price-per-litre reductions to customers spending a certain amount on groceries.

Another fuel duty rise is planned for August, although the AA has written to the Chancellor to ask that it be postponed, as well as to urge the Government to investigate the various factors that define the price of diesel at the pumps, and put in place some protection for drivers from constant price hikes.

"Although the diesel price has been influenced by refinery closures, unreliable supply into Europe and stock market speculators taking advantage of a tight market, there is no way for businesses and consumers to find out whether or not they are paying a fair price," said the AA's Edmund King.
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