Video: Watch a Bugatti Veyron hit 253mph

The title says it all really. Some chaps in lands far, far away decided to use the mythical hypercar's special 'Speed Key' to unlock the Veyron's full potential and hit its magical 253mph top speed.

Yes, we know Top Gear did it a while ago. However the Sunday evening car show used a shiny press car – this guy's doing it with his own motor. That takes bravery because 1) if anything goes wrong it's no one's fault but his own and 2) if he bins it at that speed his insurers are unlikely to pay out. Not that it's a problem for a Veyron owner...If you're not the type to watch videos (or your work has disabled YouTube for whatever reason) then let us describe it to you: The Veyron goes very, very, very, very, very fast. Looks like it's going at a fair lick too.

Still, it's better if you watch the video...

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