Video: Heart-stopping moment snowmobiler teeters over 90m cliff edge

Video: Heart-stopping moment snowmobiler teeters over 90m cliff edgeYouTube

Just before he sets off on his skidoo, Kyle Pratt comments on what a beautiful day it is in Wyoming.

Little did he know that just minutes later he'd be staring at a 90m drop directly in front of him.

Nothing in the stunning snow fields on the border of Wyoming and Idaho would have indicated that the ground beneath him would crack, and snow would fall to reveal the mammoth drop.

Kyle, who caught the whole thing on his Liquid Image goggle camera, told "I feel lucky to be alive. I knew it was a close call, but I didn't realise how extreme it was."

This is not the only snowmobile incident to happen of late; in January, John Swanson was buried alive by an avalanche while riding in the Stampede Pass in the Cascade Range Mountains, America.

Fellow rider Rick Jablinkse caught the terrifying moment on his helmet-cam, and tried in vain to warn John, but was too late.

Mr Swanson was completely covered by the avalanche, but his friends quickly managed to dig him out, and he was unharmed.

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