Video: Lexus' TORI 500 is our kinda race

To promote the launch of the GS F Sport Lexus decided that showing that it's faster than its rivals or destroying a childhood memory isn't a very good idea. No, Lexus decided that a race driver, a stunt driver and a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition model's silhouette would be the best way to show off its new car.

Lexus used Sports Illustrated's very own Tori Praver to act as a template for a race track. Both the racer and the stunt driver had to drive around a course painted along the outline of Praver's body. The event was named the TORI 500.A snap was taken of Praver's, erm, slinky form and then mapped on a scale of one inch to 100ft on a track. They weren't drifting around a scantily clad woman having a snooze on some tarmac. Think of the health and safety...
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