Saab owners put at ease with new warranty

The protracted Saab administration is naturally leaving current Saab owners worried about the maintenance of their cars - especially as the administrators suspended the processing of all car warranty claims at the end of last year.

But owners need not worry as much now, with the announcement of a new warranty package from Saab Parts UK, called Saab Secure.
Backed up by an independent warranty company, Momentum Warranties Ltd, Saab Secure is an unlimited mileage package offering up to five years of cover on a Saab, priced from under £500. It will stand regardless of the conclusion of the Saab bankruptcy saga.

As we've previously reported, Saab is currently in the hands of administrators, whose business it is to ensure that Saab's creditors are paid off, without any emotional involvement.

So, as much as a suitable buyer for the whole of Saab and a consequent resurrection would be nice, the administrator is reportedly able to recoup more by selling Saab off in parts.

Time will tell, but it's looking increasingly likely that Saab is dead - certainly in its current form, anyway.

Saab Secure will at least ensure that the Saabs circulating at the moment will maintain some value with the backing of a decent warranty and supply of parts.

Cars currently outside the manufacturer's warranty period are eligible, and Saab Parts UK has also confirmed that those who bought cars last year with a Saab GB complimentary servicing package (about 1,500 of you) will have it honoured.

David Leighton of Saab Parts UK said: "Saab Secure is a very competitively priced warranty package that can be tailored to the individual requirements of owners, whether they are recent or historical purchasers.

"In light of the continued uncertainty surrounding the new vehicle warranty, Saab Parts UK provides customers with an alternative solution for their warranty needs."
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