Muppet give-away valued at £1,000

Kermit bagMuppet mania is sweeping Britain with a top valuer suggesting a freebie Kermit bag given away with Cravendale milk could be worth £1,000 to a collector within a decade. Are Muppets fans muppets?

Jeff Salmon, of Channel Four's Four Rooms fame has said the Kermit the frog rucksack will rise in value because it will be a rarity. He predicts eBay auctions in no time.

Four-figure sum

Salmon said; "I'd expect the Cravendale Kermit backpack to be worth a four-figure sum within the next ten years. The fact it's a limited edition from a promotion that is only available in the UK will attract global interest and I predict the odd one will start to crop up on eBay over time.

"It's a private edition piece of merchandise, which confirms its rarity, thus value. It's a real gem for collectors of Muppet and movie memorabilia."


Salmon is CEO of Decoratum, a gallery specialising in vintage furniture and lighting in Marylebone, London. He says collections are all the rage.

"The Muppets make people feel warm and fuzzy inside with memories of their childhood which makes Muppet merchandise a collectors dream. They're loveable characters with cross-generational appeal.

"Movie memorabilia is one of those collectables that will always be popular, from Marilyn Monroe's dresses to originals from the Titanic set. Let's face it, it's far more interesting than collecting stamps," he says.

Milk coupons

What is amazing is you only need collect codes from bottles of Cravendale milk. The promotion has been running since 6 February. There are 250,000 Kermit bags to secure, plus other Muppets material once you log on to the milk matters website with your codes.

Salmon added: "With interest rates set to remain low for the foreseeable future, there's never been a better time to invest money in memorabilia as a financial nest egg. What's even better about Cravendale's Kermit the Frog backpack is that it's free with bottles of milk so no upfront investment is needed."

OK, so Salmon is just Cravendale's puppet in this promotion, but maybe there is some sense in collections. And if a freeby bag can really turn into £1,000 just buy buying milk, I'll drink to that.

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