The Odorico Pordenone is the coolest caravan ever

A Czech engineering student has designed the sort of caravan that even Top Gear would struggle to make fun of.

With looks that make it suitable for being towed by a supercar, and a name to match, the Odorico Pordenone is hopefully the future of mobile homes.
Designed by Jakub Novak, studying at the Brno University of Technology, the Odorico is a trailer that can extend outwards to create a stunning, minimalist living space.

Named after Italian Odoric of Pordenone, a traveller from the medieval era, the Odorico was nominated for the Czech National Award for Student Design 2011.

Novak says that his motivation "was simply to introduce something that is not yet." Aiming to avoid the typical box-like trailer that creates space by incorporating a crude fabric tent, he settled on a brushed metal structure with fold-out 'wings'.

Inside, the modern-looking living space works in the pragmatic tradition of most caravans and motor homes, by acting as bedroom, kitchen and living area all at the same time.

When fully extended it has a large rear glass area to turn it into a light, airy daytime lounge.

The interior features cupboard space, cooking worktops, a sink, a table and chairs and can be converted, if necessary, to sleep four.

Sadly it's still only a prototype, but there's every chance it could be picked up and manufactured - although no doubt for the sort of ludicrous price that could only attract supercar owners.

For the rest of us, there's the DoubleBack extendable camper van...though at £55,000 it's not actually for the rest of us at all. Still, quite cool - and, unlike the Odorico, available now.
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