Vauxhall shows high-tech Ampera police car

Vauxhall Ampera police car
Vauxhall won a competition run by the Association of Chief Police Officers Intelligent Transport Systems (ACPO ITS), to demonstrate an electric vehicle that uses cutting-edge crime-fighting technology and this modified Ampera is the result.

The Ampera petrol/electric hybrid, which is shortlisted for both the World Car of the Year and European Car of the Year awards, could be introduced into active Police service by 2015.
Perhaps to get away from the fact that the Ampera isn't exactly the fastest car on the block, the highlights are the range of hi-tech kit fitted.

These include four external-mounted cameras for evidence gathering, an internal camera for facial recognition linked to the Police National Database and a modified version of the standard Ampera display screen providing all information currently available to Police officers like Automatic Number Plate Recognition for example.

Dick Ellam, Vauxhall Special Vehicles Manager said: "We are delighted to have won the ACPO ITS competition and are excited to have displayed the fittingly ground-breaking Ampera featuring this array of cutting-edge equipment."
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