Holiday review: Cool things to do in Iceland

Ruth Doherty

"We're stuck. It's not safe to go on." Uh oh. That was a statement our group wasn't expecting to hear our huge, Icelandic can-do-anything tour guide to say as we were making our way in a super jeep over the Langjökull Glacier for a spot of snowmobiling.

No one predicted the huge snowstorm that seemed to come out of nowhere and created a total white out within minutes. But that's what Iceland's all about: adventure. And we loved every minute of being rescued by the efficient men from Mountaineers of Iceland, who were set to take us on an hour's jaunt across the glacier.

By the time we'd finished our snowmobiling stint (falling off included - it had to be me), our tour guide had valiantly dug himself and his super jeep out of the snow with a shovel, and was waiting patiently for us to continue the tour. Our hero.

We'd already taken in the highlights of the Gulfoss Waterfall (thundering, fabulous), spotted the Northern Lights at the rural Hotel Hekla (weak but still cool), seen boiling water shooting out of geysers (smelly), and soaked up the amazing dazzling-blue ice caps at the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon (stunning).

From our thrill-seeking trip in the Langjökull Glacier, we headed to Reykjavik, where we dived straight into dinner at the trendy Grill Market, and enjoyed drinks with the happy-go-lucky locals.

Getting there: We flew with Icelandair, the country's flag carrier, with UK departures from London Heathrow (twice daily), Manchester and Glasgow to Iceland and popular North American destinations. Return flights from Heathrow to Reykjavik start at £230 return and flights from Glasgow to Reykjavik start at £320 per person. More information can be found at

Getting around: A private superjeep with an English guide for four to five people from Snaeland Grimmson is £500 per day. Bookings and enquiries can be made at: or call +(354) 588 8660.