Google 'moving into consumer electronics'

Stacey King

Internet search giant Google is reported to be hatching a massive expansion plan to sell its own music-streaming system which would be controlled by Android smartphone handsets.

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The company is expected to bring a product to market later this year which can wirelessly play music on other devices in the home.

This would bring Google into direct competition with Apple and other electronics giants such as Sony and Panasonic.

Last May the company gave industry figures a peek at what it called "Project Tungsten", a music-delivery system that will allow streaming into the home.

And the company is now expected to be selling its own branded speakers and related devices to work with smartphones or tablet devices using its own Android operating system - using its recently launched online music service.

The products are expected to undercut the market-leading, but rather pricey, Sonos brand of network-based music systems.

Presenting Project Tungsten last year, Google engineering director Joe Britt said: "A Tungsten device runs the Android OS and the Android at Home software framework. It's always powered on and always connected to the cloud.

"It has audio out [meaning it can play music] and these examples can connect to either speakers or my home stereo system.

"You can enjoy your music synchronised throughout your house, all streaming Music Beta ... since the boxes are running Android, they just pull the music directly from the music library in the cloud."

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