Britain's big freeze set to last until March?

Ruth Doherty

 Britain's big freeze set to last until March?
Britain's big freeze set to last until March?


Britain has been shivering in freezing temperatures this month, which has this weekend been revealed as the coldest February since 1986.

Temperatures plunged to -18.3C on Saturday in Chesham, Bucks - just shy of the coldest February day ever recorded at -20.6C in Woburn, Beds, according to the Mirror.

The temperatures were actually colder than Lukla in Nepal, a village at the bottom of Mount Everest.

And, although this week is looking milder with temperatures slightly above average, says Met Office spokeswoman Sarah Holland, the cold spell is likely to last into March with the ongoing threat of ice and snow.

She told Aol Travel: "The last few days of February and beginning of March are likely to see changeable weather. Temperatures are probably going to be average or below average for the time of year, particularly in the southeast.

"Being late February/early March, this suggests that overnight frosts are still likely almost anywhere, especially during any quieter interludes.

"Showers and longer spells of rain are possible, with an ongoing risk of snow, mainly in the north and east. Rainfall amounts across southern and central England may end up being above average in places by the end of this period."

But it isn't just Britain that's been feeling the brunt of the harsh conditions; the extreme cold snap has seen much of Europe turned into an ice sculpture display.

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