Surprise! Ryanair's 'free flights' deal actually costs more

Surprise! Ryanair's 'free flights' deal actually costs morePA

Customers who take out a Ryanair credit card and spend £3,000 in the first six months are promised two 'free flights' as an incentive.

But an investigation by The Sun has revealed that, although the actual flights don't cost anything, the price adds up with higher booking charges, taxes, and phone calls that cost 10p a minute.

Travellers taking the company up on the offer must book by phone, so all of the above can reportedly take the cost of the 'free' flights up higher than if you booked the same trip on the internet.

There's also another £6 per person fight surcharge as the traveller must book with the Ryanair credit card (other cards don't incur fees).

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary this week caused controversy (again) by mocking a group of workers who had just lost their jobs after Spanair went bust.

He arrived at Bilbao airport in Spain to publicise the launch of his airline's new Spanish routes - just weeks after the low-cost competitor collapsed.

O'Leary was videoed signalling a victory sign to the laid-off employees, who were at Bilbao airport in Spain to protest against the Ryanair routes.

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