The phone that calls time on depression

Picture of a phoneAmerican researchers have developed technology for phones to detect what sort of mood you're in and even do something about it if you're depressed. Called the Mobilyze, it's an app which senses your likely mood based on where you are and what you appear to be doing and if it thinks you're isolated it will send you a text suggesting you get out and do something to cheer you up.
According to a Daily Mail report the technology is being developed by the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies and a professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern's Feinberg School in the US, and uses information from GPS, BlueTooth and Wifi as well as other information already on the phone.


Not all users would welcome such an invasive app, and of course it's not going to be compulsory. It's also going to need a lot of tailoring to individual habits.

For example, many people would find the freelance writing undertaken by many bloggers and writers undesirable. This article is being written in a spare room in the writer's home, in isolation; clearly this isn't going to suit everybody, but a text telling me to go out and cheer myself up isn't going to get the job done.

In the same way, suppose someone went out somewhere with a noisy party atmosphere - to some that's going to be good, to others a bad thing, and to others either good or bad depending on their frame of mind.

There are a lot of variables in this - it will be interesting to see how the technology comes along.
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