Apple 'to announce iPad 3 in early March'

Stacey King

Gadget fans are all aflutter today after it was reported that computer giant Apple is limbering up to unveil the latest version of its phenomenally successful iPad in a matter of weeks.

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American technology blog All ThingsD has quoted company insiders as saying that the iPad 3 is set to be announced at a special event which is being scheduled for early next month.

And it also suggests that, as usual, Apple will have the device on sale a couple of weeks after the big reveal.

Another blog, The Verge, has reported some claimed tech specs for the new iPad - which it claims will have twice the screen resolution of the iPad two and will be powered by an A6 chip rather than the iPad 2's A5.

This is expected to be a dual-core processor, rather than a quad-core one - as some had predicted.

It has also been suggested that smaller componentry will leave room for a bigger battery.

Watch this space.

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