Striking £330,000 Aston V12 Zagato revealed

Anyone planning on buying a new Aston Martin V12 Zagato and driving it is well advised not to look up while doing so, because they might well conclude that someone has dropped a hallucinogen into their morning super berry smoothie.

The hypnotically wavy red stitching on the V12 Zagato's headlining (pictured below) is just one of the things that separate it from the common as muck Aston Martin V12 Vantage it's based on - and make it about three times as expensive.
Yes, the Zagato has the same V12 engine as the Vantage, but costs a whopping £330,000 plus VAT.

In the press release detailing this, the final production version of the car, Aston desperately tries to link the Zagato to the insanely expensive, bespoke and limited edition One-77, in an attempt to justify the price.

Whether that washes is up to you, although the Zagato is limited to only 150 cars (40 have been sold so far, we hear) and each takes 2,000 man-hours to complete, according to Aston. That's man-hours, not woman or pineapple hours.

In fairness, a whole lot of work and fancy pants materials go into the Zagato, including aluminium for the 'double bubble' roof and the doors, and assorted bits made from carbon fibre. The front splitter's carbon weave is exposed, as is that on the wing mirrors.

Inside, the leather is of a special sort called 'Seven Bridge of Weir' and it's hand-stitched into the mesmeric wavy pattern you see on the picture below. More carbon fibre makes it to the dashboard, and there's some 'Z' embroidery, designed to occasionally fool you into thinking you're in a Nissan.

The Zagato was first shown in the middle of last year, though this is the first time the customer car has been seen. It will get its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show, after an initial appearance later this month in Kuwait.
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