Seven ways to triple pension income

GBP notesA middle wage earning man could triple his annual private pension income through seven "positive choices", a report has suggested.

Decisions including working for one year after state pension age and shopping around to buy the best annuity could boost a typical male earner's yearly retirement income from £2,200 to £7,710, the National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) said.
The report, compiled by the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) for the NAPF, said opting into a pension from the age of 30 instead of 40 could add £990 a year to a retirement income, while buying the best annuity could boost it by £850.

Working for a year after state pension age could increase the sum by £550, while paying 1% more in employee contributions could add on £390.

Joanne Segars, NAPF chief executive, said: "People who don't get the best out of their pension could end up stuck at work for years longer than they planned.

"Getting a good deal on charges and annuities can mean the difference between enjoying retirement and spending years more at the desk.

"Encouragingly, the report shows there are a host of things people can do to secure a decent pension for their old age. Starting to save into a pension from an earlier age, extending one's working life and increasing pension contributions can all make a big difference."

The report - titled Closing the gap: the choices and factors that can affect private pension income in retirement - looked at the overall impact of decisions made by savers and how they could affect the pension of an average income male due to retire in 2055. The calculations were based on a man earning £20,000 at the age of 25, whose earnings increase over his lifetime.

Niki Cleal, PPI director, said: "While decisions to pay more into a pension or to delay retirement clearly involve sacrifices on the part of the individual, there are other options that individuals can consider to boost their private pension income which may not require the same level of self-sacrifice.

"For example, a median earning man who shops around for his annuity and receives the best available annuity rate rather than an average annuity rate could boost his private pension income by 5%."
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