Every Maybach sold lost Mercedes £275,000

Once a byword for absolute motoring luxury, the semantic journey of Maybach has wafted from there, through 'slightly tacky' and landed in 'quantifiable disaster'.

That's because Car Magazine reports that for every Maybach that parent company Mercedes-Benz sold, it lost around €330,000, which in proper money is just under £275,000.
Bear in mind that a 'short' wheelbase Maybach 57 costs around £280,000 and you get an idea of just how catastrophic a business plan reviving Maybach actually was.

You'd think that showing Simon Cowell sitting in the back of one every week on X-Factor would have the punters queuing, but alas not.

According to Car, Mercedes poured €1bn (£840,000) into building the ultimate plutocratic limousine. What it ended up with, however, was a posh, over-priced S-Class more likely to be rented for a low budget rap video than bought as a billionaire's runabout. Around 3,000 have been sold in seven years.

As such the Maybach will not be replaced and the brand will be terminated like Steve Brookstein's contract. In its place, says Car, Mercedes will take a different sort of swing at Rolls-Royce by building a number of eponymous uber-luxury cars placed above the S-Class on the family tree.

RIP, Maybach. Only Jay-Z is bothered.
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