'Big man' not charged over throwing 'fare-dodging' passenger off train

'Big man' not charged over throwing passenger off trainYouTube

A passenger dubbed 'Big Man' who removed an alleged fare-dodger off a train in Scotland has not been charged over his actions.

A video of the incident recorded by another passenger on the Edinburgh to Perth train last December became a hit on YouTube.

It showed Alan Pollock throwing 19-year-old Sam Main off the train after he failed to show a valid ticket and decided to quarrel with the ticket inspector, who has now returned to his job at ScotRail after being on sick leave since the incident.

Mr Main was removed from the train at Linlithgow, one stop short of his intended destination. He claimed to have suffered cuts and bruises and his family called for Mr Pollock to be charged.

According to the BBC, Mr Main was reported to the procurator fiscal for allegedly breaking the Criminal Justice and Licensing Scotland Act (2010), which relates to threatening or abusive behaviour.

Mr Pollock - or 'Big Man' - was charged with assault two weeks after the incident.

But the Crown Office has now decided it is not in the public interested to prosecute either of them.

At the time, businessman Mr Pollock, from Stirling, was applauded by fellow passengers for his actions and, according to the Telegraph, there was even a Facebook group set up in Mr Pollock's honour, called, "Pay yer train ticket or the big man will chuck ye aff".

But his father Jim has said the whole family are now pleased the "nightmare is over".

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'Big man' not charged over throwing 'fare-dodging' passenger off train

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