Missed a service? It could cost you over £2,000

An increasing number of drivers are skipping having their car serviced to save costs, according to research by the AA.

But that could be a false economy - and a very pricey one - says insurance and warranty company MB&G, because a missed service could cost thousands over the life of a car.
Servicing costs are notoriously expensive, especially at franchised dealerships, but ultimately far cheaper than correcting the damage that doesn't get spotted a few years down the line.

And that's not considering the value that's stripped at re-sale time from a car that doesn't have a full service history.

According to MB&G, missing a single service on a car over three years old could cost the owner more than £2,200 over its life. That seemingly arbitrary figure is based on the average cost of repairing some of the major issues that could have been stamped out early (and cheaply) during a service.

Those issues include wheel alignment, which can wear the tyres if left unchecked, costing up to £600; driveshaft and steering rack wear, which can cost around the same if both need replaced ultimately need replaced; and low oil, which can lead, in the worst cases, to a broken engine - cost of refurbishment, around £1,000.

Allan Simpson of MB&G said: "We understand that drivers are looking to save money where they can, and although they may think they are saving by not servicing their car, they could be in for a nasty surprise a few months down the road. A service generally costs in the region of £300 and will give the driver peace of mind."

Other insurance and warranty companies exist.
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