Big money for DH11LON in £3m plate sale

The DVLA's first personal plate auction of 2012 has raised a staggering £2.8m, proving that despite rising car costs proving a major headache for drivers, some are still willing to spend big in the name of vanity.

The 11-series plates caused a stir because of their usefulness in spelling out names: the highest price of the auction was for DH11 LON, which sold for £80,000 because it looks a bit like 'Dillon'.
The second highest price went to JO11 NNY, fetching £31,000, and the third to PO11 LLY, which presumably went to a lady named 'Polllly'. Polllly is a cracker - she paid £21,000 for it.

We do know who paid £18,000 for FE11 OWS, though. It was Pam Fellows from Maidstone in Kent. That works.

Just pipping the plate price Pam paid was 1 NLH, which went for a shade under £19,000, while 1 NWB and 99 MAC sold for £18,500 each.

Since September 1989, when private plates first went on sale, the DVLA has amassed £1.7bn from our desire to hide the age of our cars, or display something dubiously linked to a name. Last year alone, the DVLA raised £16m over the course of six auctions.

Damian Lawson of the DVLA said: "While many customers walked away with relatively low costing bargains, the high figures raised by the 11-series again took us all by surprise."

The next auction will be held at the De Vere Village Hotel in Leeds, starting March 21.

We're waiting until September 2020 to get our hands on AU70 BLG. Or failing that, the next best thing: AU70 BOG. Something to dump our savings into.
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