Robbie Williams searches for women in 1989 holiday photo

Ruth Doherty

Robbie Williams' search for women in 1989 holiday photo
Robbie Williams' search for women in 1989 holiday photo


You wouldn't expect the 14-year-old boy you met on a UK Pontins holiday to turn into one of Britain's biggest stars.

But that's exactly what happened to four women all the way back in 1989 when they befriended Robbie Williams at the Scarborough holiday park.

And the Angels singer just posted the old holiday pic on his website, in an attempt to track down the girls and say hello to them at a concert.

According to the BBC, he wrote: "If you are one of the ladies in this photo a challenge... where was it taken?... tell me and I'd love to say hello at one of my gigs."

He also joked about his permed hair and said the four girls were his "first female fans".

And now the ladies in question have revealed themselves as Vanessa Price, Diane Barker, Louise Eley and Sarah Jones, all from Derby.

The four lucky girls met Robbie while he was staying at the park, where his father worked as a compere.

They enjoyed parties with him at the staff caravan, as well as the camp's nightclub. One of the ladies even admitted to a enjoying a little holiday fling with the future star.

She said: "After the holiday I went to see him a couple of times on my own and snogged him a few times.

"It was only a short relationship though - I got bored of driving down to Stoke."

Ms Jones, 40, said: "I'm amazed he still has the photo really. He's done so much with his life, the idea he still wants to say hello is quite awesome."

Robbie's publicist Murray Chalmers said the he was 'thrilled' the girls had come forward, and was looking forward to seeing them at a future concert.

Bet they can't wait, either...

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