Kia Trackster concept comes out of the starting blocks

Having released a sketched teaser picture recently, Kia has now released the first proper snap of the Trackster concept it will take to the Chicago Auto Show this week. And probably Geneva after that.

The dusky image above is the first glimpse of the car - but that's all we're getting until tomorrow (Wednesday 8 February), when Kia assures us it will give us some concrete info.
The Trackster is a vision of a three-door Soul, although as you can see, the rear looks absolutely nothing like today's five-door production car.

In a previous press release, Kia said the car is "envisaged with a 247bhp petrol engine," which means it's aimed squarely at the diesel-hating American market - for now, at least.

And there's not a sausage on CO2 emissions or fuel economy, which a nice change for a modern concept car.

Although Kia is already saying there are no plans for production, the Trackster is "in keeping with the Soul's rebellious, individual and urban character," we're told.

The Soul is indeed rebellious. Sometimes, for a laugh, it will briefly disengage its own handbrake while parked on mild inclines, before engaging it again.* The dirty rebel.

The car's proper name is actually Track'ster, in keeping with Kia's penchant for utterly silly and superfluous punctuation marks.

That said, Kia may tomorrow tell us that the apostrophe is used correctly, to shorten the car's full name, Trackalakalakalakster, into something easier to say. We'll find out...

*Doesn't ever happen.
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