Video: World's fastest mobility scooter tops 50mph on snow

World's fastest mobility scooter
Imagine you owned the world's fastest mobility scooter, as qualified by the Guinness Book of World Records. What would you do when an unexpected snow shower hit your surrounding area?

Of course you would. Here's a video of the scooter, which hit 71mph in 2010 to take the Guinness record, doing its thing at a claimed 51mph on fresh snow. When we retire, this is how we want to roll.
Built and owned by 32-year-old plumber Colin Furze, we salute him for getting his steroidal scooter out during last few days' surprise snowfall.

Weirdly, on the blurb underneath the YouTube video, which he posted on his personal account, Colin says that the scooter was easier to drive on the snow "because the steering isn't so responsive".

In our experience, unresponsive steering is a negative trait, but then we've not road tested any mobility scooters on snow, so what do we know?

Colin also happens to be part of Sky One's Gadget Geeks show, so if you like this you can catch more of him on that. (Sky did not pay for this post, by the way, we just thought the video was quite funny. Not as funny as this one, mind.)

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