Passenger sues Costa Concordia over miscarriage

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Passenger sues Costa Concordia over miscarriage
Passenger sues Costa Concordia over miscarriage


A Costa Concordia passenger who says she was five months pregnant is filing a lawsuit against the cruise company after suffering a miscarriage.

The Italian passenger, named only as Cristina M, escaped the sinking cruise liner on a lifeboat with her husband, but a week later she was admitted to hospital after miscarrying her baby.

According to reports in Australian newspaper the Herald Sun, her doctors say that the "intense psychological stress suffered both during the night-time evacuation and when her lifeboat smashed up against rocks as it headed for the nearby shore" is to blame.

She is suing for one million Euros in damages and compensation, says the Daily Telegraph.

This is one of a number of lawsuits to be filed by passengers on the doomed ship.

A 70-person lawsuit has already been filed by Codacons.

A French couple is also campaigning for other passengers to join a lawsuit against the operator for "failure to help people in danger, putting in danger the lives of others, incvoluntary homicide and lack of security information."

Costa Cruises has offered passengers a lump sum of 11,000 Euros each as compensation, provided the drop any other litigation. But many passengers have rejected this deal.

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