Toyota Corolla is the best selling vehicle... ever

For many years the Toyota Corolla has been the best selling car in history. Thanks to its global presence, low price and easy-to-get-to-grips-with drive people have been lapping them up.

There was a problem, though. The Ford F-Series trucks were the best selling vehicles of all time. Being a truck, it's classified as a small commercial vehicle, thus keeping the Corolla's car-trophy safe, but still – it's not worth being winner of one category when there's a bigger prize out there, is it?
Recently the F-Series' luck ran out, possibly due to high 'gas' prices, the fact that hillbillies are dying out and people realising that they don't NEED a giant V8 pick up/SUV/waste of space. As a result, the Toyota Corolla's sales overtook it.

The Corolla has now, globally, sold 37.5million units over its 35 year life span.

Not only does it mean it's the biggest selling vehicle of all time, but it also means a Corolla is sold every 40 seconds. So, over your average episode of Geordie Shore 45 Toyota Corollas will be sold. That's a scary stat.

The top 10 best selling vehicles of all time are...

10. Chevy Impala (1958–current), 14 million
9. Volkswagen Passat (1973-current), 15.5 million
8. Ford Model T (1908–1927), 16.5 million
7. Honda Accord (1976–current), 17.5 million
6. Honda Civic (1972–current), 18.5 million
5. Ford Escort (1968-2000), 20 million
4. Volkswagen Beetle (1933-current), 23.5 million
3. Volkswagen Golf (1974-current), 27.5 million
2. Ford, F-150 Series Pick-up (1948-current), 35 million
1. Toyota Corolla (1966-current), 37.5 million
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