Video: VW's Superbowl ad lacks Force, has fat dog

Fat dog
The Superbowl ads are coming thick and fast now and we've been looking forward to one company's more than all the others: Volkswagen.

Last year's VW Superbowl ad had everything a successful advert could ever need: a cute kid, star wars, the Force, understanding parents and a new car. This year's ad is a touch different.
We're treated to a shot of a lazy dog keen on chasing an all-new VW Beetle down the road. The only problem is his weight. He can't get out of his dog flap to get his run on. The poor pooch has a moment of canine clarity and puts himself on a weight loss routine so that one day he can chase his beloved Beetle.

We'll admit it's a bit cute to see a dog try to use an exercise ball, but we weren't so keen on the tacked on we-paid-to-use-Darth-Vader-so-dammit-we-will-if-it-kills-us Star Wars bit at the end.

It's like VW's admitting it's not as good as last year's commercial. Neither holds a torch to the Acura NSX ad, mind.

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