Smart ForTwo refreshed. Looks like infant.

Smart ForTwo
Smart's ForTwo has been making city driving frugal and, in small doses, rather entertaining for years now.

There comes a time in every car's life when it needs a bit of an image change to keep it looking fresh on the roads and it's the ForTwo's time to jazz up its look.
Except there's a problem. Smart saw fit to pop a giant version of its badge in the middle of the grille, giving casual observers the impression that it's a baby suckling on a dummy. We're not sure how many people would actively want to be seen tooling around in a wheeled infant. A small cross section of society, probably.

As well as its pacifier, the new ForTwo is adorned with bigger vents up front and can be ordered with optional LED daytime running lights.

Smart has introduced three new alloy wheel designs – a nine-spoke impossible-to-clean option, a three-spoke design or a three-twin-spoke wheel (pictured).

Colour choice has been fiddled with, too. There are seven to choose from including 'street style' matt anthracite. Additionally the BRABUS Xclusive comes in white now. There's also six more roof colour choices for ForTwo Cabrios.

Inside there are a few changes – you can now spec your ForTwo in crystal grey, which nets you a leather/fabric combo for the seats and doors and some black imitation leather for the instrument panel.

The five trim levels remain the same, as do the six engine options. No word on UK pricing yet, but we'll let you know when the numbers drop.
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