Rumour Mill: New Audi RS 4 coming to Geneva?

Audi RS4
A document discovered and published by has apparently revealed that a new Audi RS 4 is headed for the Geneva Motor Show.

The document, allegedly leaked by Audi's Swiss importer AMAG, shows two cars we weren't really expecting: the Audi RS 4 Avant and a TT-RS Plus.
The RS 4 is said to boast 444bhp while the TT-RS Plus is set to contain 355 screaming, angry turbocharged horses.

However, we're inclined to believe that it's utter, utter nonsense. Audi is known for its exacting standards and would never, ever spell the name of its own cars wrong. So how come the document lists an RS4 (incorrect, according to Audi) in one column and an RS 4 (correct, according to Audi) in the next? It's not something we can see Audi doing.

Also, why would Audi launch the RS 4 Avant and not a saloon? It makes little sense not to launch the pair at the same time. Last time round the Saloon was launched first and the Avant followed some months later.

It'd sure be nice to have another RS 4 to hoon around in. The last two have been brilliant bits of kit and both look relatively fresh to this day. But is it time for a new one? Maybe not just yet*.

*Audi, we're perfectly happy to have gotten this wrong. Do feel free to drop a new RS 4 on us. Not from a great height. That would hurt.
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